Tuesday, June 29, 2010

are u in dis kind of love? do read it!

love is blind for those who cannot see.
love is such a great award when we feel so appreciated.
love is valuable when we being loved by others.
love is darkness when the door in heart was closed.
love cant be replaced.
love have to be replaced when u deserved it to be.
love is hurting when u loved sum2 that not in love with u.
dont force people to love us, as they cant do so.
open ur heart to sum1 dat willing to open their heart for u.
when u get the love, hold the love tightly.
so it will not escape.
loving is not wrong but do love sum1 dat deserved for u,not sum1 that dat u want to.


aion said...

wehh aku tukar url.
aion-isation.blogspot.com ;)

hanie bonie said...


ATIKA said...

gegege..chenta itu bodo~

hanie bonie said...

hahaha..mmg bodo. tp suke. haha

ATIKA said...

dan dier juge amat bodo~geggege