Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today my sis dpt GIFT (CUPIDO) from her mr.boyfie.

she seems so happy smpaikan da kluarkan pic gift dye kat fb.

and also gatal2 tgn tag hanie.>_<.

im also happy for her coz dye pun happy.

really2 HUGE tengs to abg arip 4 always making her happy all dis while.

i noe he bought dis dgn penuh ksh syg.haha~

of cz she might runaway with dis CUPIDO from me.

coz i would bully2 dis CUPIDO.jeng3.o_0.yeah!

SIS!!pls take care of dat CUPIDO well n be prepared!haha

tido tu tlg beringat skit.xpsl2 ade 'peta' kat CUPIDO.erkss-_-"

~her Cup!do~

CUPIDO ~ can make tw0 pe0ple fall in l0ve with a single beat 0f his red heart.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

time kaceh!!!! ^_^

*sy sgt suke cupid0!*